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Adopted from Lab Rescue on 12/23/11


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Henry's Story

Henry our first Lab Rescue foster dog in many years, arrived December 21, 2011. Less than six weeks earlier, Dave and I had become dogless for the first time in nearly 25 years when our sixteen-year-old Lab, Lucy died. We'd decided to take a break after a long period of caring for our fuzzy geriatric family members. The winter holidays were approaching, though, and we knew that Lab Rescue would need foster homes for incoming dogs. Unfortunately, the period before Christmas is infamous with shelters and rescue organizations because some people heading out of town for the holidays either dump their unwanted dogs at shelters or let them loose to be picked up as strays. The week before Christmas, I kept an eye on Lab Rescue's email traffic to see if a potential foster might show up. When I saw Henry's write up, he seemed like a fine candidate. I called Dave, sent him the e-mail, and Dave agreed we could foster Henry.

Henry was picked up as a stray by animal control in Virginia. He had neither a collar nor a microchip. Virginia law requires shelters to hold stray dogs for five days, allowing time for their humans to locate and claim them. The shelter Henry was in waits a week, but nobody came looking for him. Lab Rescue arranged to take Henry, but was unable to pick him up until 5 days after his initial week at the shelter. From the shelter, Henry traveled to a Lab Rescue vet for an examination. Henry was positive for Lyme and ehrlichia, so he was started on a four-week course of antibiotics. He was also sneezing and had itchy skin due to allergies, so he was started on medication for that. Overall, Henry was in great health, so he was neutered the following day. The next day, Henry was transported to our home in Northern Virginia.

Henry hopped out of his crate, sniffed around the yard, and then came inside. He checked out the house for a bit, and when he saw me sit on the couch, he hopped up next to me and rolled into my lap then gave me a lick. A couple of hours later, I took Henry for a walk. Much to my surprise, he was excellent on lead. He doesn't pull at all. He alerts to squirrels, cars, and people, but he only looks their way and doesn't try to chase them. I soon learned that Henry enjoyed countersurfing. Luckily, we haven't kept enticing items on our counters in years. He won't find anything, so eventually, the behavior will fade. I also learned that Henry goes up and down stairs, but does so cautiously. Despite his excellent leash walking ability, Henry didn't seem to know other obedience cues.

Dave had told me that when the time came to adopt again, he wanted a big 3-5 year old yellow boy who was snuggly and housetrained and got up in the morning when we did. Over the next couple of days, it became apparent that Henry was exactly the boy we were waiting for. We adopted him on December 23, 2011, exactly 11 years after we adopted Bonnie. Henry is the youngest dog we've had in 18 years, so Dave and I are walking parts of the neighborhood we haven't seen in a long time. As of this writing, we're still getting to know Henry, so updates will be coming. It's great to have a dog in the family again!

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