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The House Gets a Facelift, September 2004

New Bedroom Furniture, July 2004

2005 Toyota Corolla LE, July 2004

Lucy Goes Swimming! Lucy went swimming with the Osgood girls, Katie and Tootsie, on in June of 2004. She had a blast!

See our new master bathroom! June 26, 2003.

See Sam, Bonnie and Lucy in the snow during February, 2003.

These are additional photos of our girl Lucy.

These photos of Annie, a Mexican Red Head Amazon parrot, were posted in February 2003. Annie needed a new home and found one. She'll be the bird-in-residence at Gunston Animal Hospital.

Here are photos of Karen and Steve's dog Teeny, adopted November 9, 2002 from Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic:

Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic is a new organization. Teeny's adoption fee did not cover the medical expenses that the group paid for Teeny. For information about making donations to their vet care fund, please visit their website.

This is Teeny's history, as told by Donna, Schnauzer Rescue's webmaster and Teeny's former foster mom:

Teeny was taken in by Animal Control (think "Animal Cops") because it was reported that she was not being treated humanely. Teeny's initial shelter evaluation indicated she had "raw feet" and multiple infections. She weighed a mere 7 lbs. The shelter had to give enough time (according to the law) to allow the owners to respond to the charges of neglect. So Teeny sat in the shelter for awhile, safe for now, until she was legally eligible for release to our rescue group. We first noticed Teeny was having trouble urinating the day we received her. She was also extremely thin and hungry - at first, she would eat so fast that she couldn't keep the food down. So we had to start feeding her little home cooked meals, just to give her system time to adjust. One of our rescue vets examined Teeny and immediately felt there was a possibility of bladder stones. She also had an eye infection and ear infection. The vet was frank in telling us there aren't many dogs in her practice that actually NEED to gain weight! So Teeny had an abdominal xray, which revealed several large stones in her bladder. Teeny underwent surgery the next day (she was already scheduled to be spayed) and the stones that were removed were described by the vet as "rocks" - taking up most of the space in her tiny bladder. We can only imagine how painful it had been for Teeny for a long time. Teeny is now recovering well and has an excellent prognosis.


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